Flotilla – July 4

2019 Flotilla and Awards

Special thanks to Gary Kosin & Mike Strub (BWL Mayor) for registering the boats. Also to Megan Harden for taking pictures and Lisa Retezan for organizing/collecting the votes.

Most Original:

1st Place:  Bruce & Debbie Hanson Family “Wizard of Oz”

2nd Place: Giddings Family “Moo”

3rd Place: Lisa Fry “Baby Shark”

Most Patriotic:

1st Place: Fossum Family “In the Mood”

2nd Place: Lisa Fry “Am Flag Eh”

3rd Place: Tebow Family “Family”

Best Overall: Fossum Family 

Note: The Traveling Eagle is awarded to the “Best Overall” in the Flotilla and presented during the Annual Picnic at the Park. The recipient has their name and year listed at the base of the award and will retain procession of it until the following year Flotilla. The Traveling Eagle is a beautiful hand carved, wooden Bald Eagle which proudly stands about 2 feet tall. It was carved by Paul Rogers and first awarded in 2003. It’s fun to look at the award to see not only who’s received the award and in what year, but also to see how it’s gone back and forth between families who have competed to get the award back.

Awards were presented at the July Picnic on Big Wood

Special thanks go out to all the participants and congratulations to all the winners.