Aquatic Invasive Species

Asian Clamspurplecurly-leafeurasian
Banded Mystery Snail
Big Eared Radix
Brittle Naiad
Chinese Mystery Snail
Curly Leaf Pondweed
Eurasian Water Milfoil
Facet Snail
Flowering Rush
Japanese Knotweed
New Zealand Mudsnail
Purple Loosestrife
Rusty Crayfish
Starry Stonewort
Water Chestnut
Yellow Floating Heart
Yellow Iris
Zebra Mussel

AIS Discovery Protocol
Please contact one of the following AIS professionals and a BWLA Director┬áto let them know the AIS you’ve found and where you found it:

Matt Berg, Research Biologist, 715-689-3197
Dave Ferris, Burnett County Conservationist, 715-689-2186