2015-2016 Wisconsin Shoreland Zoning


The Wisconsin Legislature has made major changes to shoreland zoning in 2015-16. These changes are described in three short video presentations:

  1. Introduction to shoreland zoning and recent changes to required shoreland lot sizes
  2. Changes to shoreland setbacks, vegetation protection and impervious surface standards
  3. Changes to standards for buildings located close to the shoreline

Whole video (all three parts combined; 30 minutes)

You may also be interested in this newly created fact sheet providing details on the history and recent changes to shoreland zoning:

Wisconsin Shoreland Zoning Over the Years 

If you do not have easy access to YouTube and would prefer the videos through Dropbox or a DVD, contact:

Lynn Markham
Land Use Specialist
UW-Extension Center for Land Use Education
College of Natural Resources, UW-Stevens Point
800 Reserve St.
Stevens Point, WI 54481